“When we support each other, we support ourselves; when we harm each other, we harm ourselves; and when we change ourselves, a little piece of the world is changed.”

Eion Bailey is an award-winning actor and the creator and executive producer of Imagine This!, a reality series chronicling one-week philanthropic projects for people all around the world. He has starred onstage and in numerous films and television series. His credits include the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, the HBO film And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself, the films Almost Famous, Fight Club, Center Stage, and Mindhunters, the television series ER (NBC), Covert Affairs (USA), and most recently, Once Upon a Time (ABC). He also starred in the television movie Life of the Party, for which he won an Emmy Award. (www.ImagineThisTV.com)

The Interview

Eion and I met several years ago at a film festival, but I hadn’t run into him since. Then just weeks before the book was due, someone sent me a link to a website for his reality show, Imagine This! It intrigued me because when I read about the show, it seemed inspired by an epiphany. I contacted his manager, and luckily Eion was in town, so we met and talked about his epiphanies over coffee. He is very smart and thoughtful—just as I remembered. Later he gave me a copy of the full pilot episode of Imagine This! to watch, and it’s fun to report that it’s more informative, uplifting, and entertaining than I ever could have imagined…

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Got an Epiphany to Share?

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