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“When one life changes, many lives change.”

G.W. Bailey is a stage, film and television actor, internationally known for his many roles, including Capt. Harris in the Police Academy film series, Sgt. Rizzo from the MASH television series and his current role as Lt. Provenza on the TNT television hit series, The Closer. He is also the Executive Director of the non-profit Sunshine Kids Foundation, which provides trips and activities for hundreds of young cancer patients annually. His work over the years with the Foundation to create as many activities as possible for as many Kids as possible was inspired by his goddaughter, Brandy, and has always been dedicated to the memory of this remarkable young woman. He is a proud father and grandfather and currently resides in Los Angeles. (

The Interview

We shot G.W.’s interview in one of the production offices of The Closer (the TNT television series that G.W. was a series regular on), in Los Angeles. Ever since I met him when we worked together (in the play that sparked my epiphany which started this project), I’ve always been amazed by the schedule he keeps and all he managed to do. He was so passionate about his work as an actor as well as his work with Sunshine Kids. I always wondered if that is what fueled his boundless energy or if it was something else. When this project started taking off, I called him right away. Not only is G.W. one of the most gifted story-tellers ever, but he has great stories to tell. As always, Mr. Bailey did not disappoint. Even though he had been sick and had to hit an event for the Sunshine Kids that afternoon, he squeezed in sharing his epiphany. He said this story always moves him to tears and laughter whenever he tells it, and that was my experience as well.  G.W.’s interview opens the book because his point that we are all connected and that when one life changes, many lives are changed is a major theme about this project and about epiphanies in general.

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