Below is a list of all the Book Interviews of Epiphany in alphabetical order.

Maya Angelou – Award-winning Poet / Author / Educator / Dramatist / Actress / Producer / Filmmaker / Civil Rights Activist

Alison Armstrong – Educator and Expert on Understanding Men / CEO and Co-Founder, PAX Programs / Speaker / Author

Elizabeth Avellàn – Film Producer / Philanthropist

Eion Bailey – Creator, ImagineThis! TV / Actor

G.W. Bailey – Executive Director of Sunshine Kids / Actor

Nancy Ballard – Nurse / Professor

Ben Barry – Modeling Agency Owner / Ph.D. Candidate

Michael Beckwith – Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center / Author / Speaker / Co-Founder of Association for Global Thought

Linda Biehl – Director and Co-Founder, Amy Biehl Foundation / Speaker

Roger Birnbaum – Co-Chairman of MGM Studios and Spyglass Entertainment / Film Producer

Rachel Blaylock – Homemaker

Cory Booker – Mayor of Newark, New Jersey

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach – Rabbi / Radio and TV Host / Best-selling Author

Stephen Bruton – Musician, Songwriter and Music Producer

Andrea Buchanan – Author, Note to Self series / Film Director and Producer

Jennifer Chilton – Nurse / Teacher / Ph.D. Candidate

Deepak Chopra, M.D. – World-renowned best-selling Author, Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host / Founder of Chopra Foundation / Co-founder of Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Wendy Cooper – Owner and Creative Director of C Spot Run Productions

Sam Danniels – Professional Athlete / Member of Canadian National Para-Alpine Development Ski Team / Youngest Epiphany Contributor

Clive Davis – Music Mogul and Producer / Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment Worldwide

Ariane de Bonvoisin – Founder of NY-based company, First 30 Days / Author / Speaker

Frank Desiderio – Catholic Priest / Director of the Paulist Center in Boston, MA / Poet / Film Producer

Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D. – Leading Psychologist in science of Positive Psychology / Professor, University of North Carolina / Author, Positivity

Roly Gosling, M.D. – Project Leader for Malaria Research, Gates Foundation

Tracy Hafen – Director of Physical Exercise Programs for Brainsavers / Author / Mother of 8

Joel Harper – Celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

Florence Horne – Retired Teacher and Researcher / Most Senior Epiphany Contributor

Julie Horton – Executive Vice President of Realsongs, Music Publishing Co.

David Hudgins – Award-winning Television Writer and Producer

Rupert Isaacson – Author / Producer / Founder, Horse Boy Foundation

Bart Knaggs – Principal and Co-founder of Capital Sports & Entertainment and C3 Presents

Andrew Ko – Senior Director for US Education Strategy and Innovation for Microsoft Corporation

Stacey Lannert – Founder, Healing Sisters / Author / Speaker

Carol Lanning – Elementary School Teacher

Christopher Lee – Anglican Priest / Missionary / Ph.D. Candidate

John Lehman – Former Secretary of the Navy / Investment Banker

Annie Leonard – Environmental Activist / Founder and Creator of the Story of Stuff website, film and book

Ali MacGraw – Actress / Author / Activist

Kathy and Bill Magee, M.D. – Founders of Operation Smile

Barry Manilow – World-renowned Singer and Songwriter / Philanthropist

Kate Milliken – Filmmaker / Owner, Milligrace Productions

Alexis Minko – Attorney for the United Nations

Billie Myers – Singer / Songwriter / Spokesperson for the Jed Foundation

Kristin Neff, Ph.D. – Leading Psychologist in field of Self-Compassion / Professor at the University of Texas / Author

Nell Newman – President and Co-Founder of Newman’s Own Organics

Craig Newmark – Founder of / Activist / Philanthropist

Judith Orloff, M.D. – Psychiatrist / Author / Speaker

Mehmet Oz, M.D. – World-renowned Cardiologist / Best-selling Author / Emmy award-winning Television Talk-Show Host of The Dr. Oz Show

Esther Perel – Sex, Marriage, and Family Therapist / Author

Michael Roizen, M.D. – Anesthesiologist and Internist, Cleveland Clinic / Co-Founder of RealAge / Best-selling Author and Speaker

Laurian Scott –Homemaker / Co-founder of the Olive Branch Fund and ETS Publishing / Spokesperson for BVVL International

Desmond Tutu – Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Capetown, South Africa / Nobel Peace Prize Winner / Author / Speaker / Educator / Activist

Diane Warren – World-renowned Songwriter and Music Publisher

Orian Williams – Award-winning Independent Film Producer

Roy Williams – Marketing Consultant & Owner of Wizard of Ads / Publisher / Teacher / Founder, Wizard Academy

Gregory Wilson – Award-winning Magician and Mentalist

Chloe Wordsworth – Founder, Resonance Repatterning Institute / Creator of Resonance Repatterning healing modality / Author / Teacher

Lawrence Wright – Pulitzer-prize winning Author / Journalist / Playwright / Screenwriter

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