And they’re primarily all books! and Yay! Epiphany is included! And what a privilege to be on the same list as these books. I love all these authors and will be getting some of these myself. I love Sarah Ban Breathnach – Simple Abundance changed my life many moons ago, and Napolean Hill? Amazing. And as you know by now, Epiphany is actually out in stores today! I can’t wait to go see it sitting on the shelf in a book store. I’m lighting out after my interviews this morning to hit stores in LA to see if it’s really there. I had Garden District Book Shop, where I’m doing my book signing in New Orleans, write me yesterday and tell me it was in and on the shelves. I almost started crying – do you think I’ll start bawling right there in the store when I see it today? Probably. Anyway, there are 2 lists below with great books and workshop suggestions to start the new year with – remember, New Year, New You… : )

The first list is in the Sacramento Bee titled, TIME OF YEAR: ADVICE APLENTY. Just hit that link and it will take you there.

The list and note below comes from Rick Hanson, the amazing author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom and many other fabulous books.

From Rick Hanson’s Newsletter:

This is Just Twelve Things: a dozen books or courses that I really value and think you might like to give as a holiday present – even to yourself.

I’ll be sending out a regular Just One Thing column in the next few days. It’s on receiving generosity – which warms the heart, keeps the circle of giving going, and flows well with this season.

Twelve times warm wishes to you,

Rick Hanson

*     *     *

In alphabetical order:

Awakening Joy – This on-line course from James Baraz (one of my own teachers) is super accessible, nurturing, fun, heart-warming and effective.

Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom – How to use modern science, informed by ancient contemplative wisdom, to change your own brain for more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more inner peace. (OK, I wrote this one, but would put it on the list even if I hadn’t!)

The Comfort Cafe – Jennifer Louden, author of the best-selling The Woman’s Comfort Book, offers a rich collection of resources each month to give women a sanctuary, support, tools and tips, and encouragement.

Depression Is Contagious – A senior psychologist, Michael Yapko, shows how relationship issues can cause depression, and vice versa, and what you can do.

Do One Thing Different – The book that landed Bill O’Hanlon on Oprah: down-to-earth solutions for making those little, do-able changes that produce big results over time.

Epiphany – Elise Ballard’s lovely, uplifting collection of true accounts  of life-changing moments from both public figures (e.g., Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Barry Manilow) and folks you’ve never heard of, but really should.

Integral Life Practice – From Ken Wilber and Terry Patten, this is a highly readable, comprehensive, and useful summary of methods for improving your health, well-being, relationships, and spiritual life.

The Meditative Gardener – Gorgeous book full of reflections and earthy advice from Cheryl Wilfong about the joys and other rewards of mindfulness in your garden.

Mindful Motherhood – Cassi Vieten’s heart-touching book full of deep insights and gentle advice for staying sane during pregnancy and your child’s first year.

Raising Happiness – This on-line course – based on Christine Carter’s marvelous book of the same name – teaches effective ways, based on solid science and her real-world experience, to raise happy kids while staying happy yourself.

Saltwater Buddha – Jaimal Yogis’ stunning, funny, gripping, true story of running away from home as a teenager to learn to surf – and finding waves of both water and personal transformation.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center – Check out the workshops and retreats from this peaceful, welcoming, world-renowned center.

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