Many important discoveries are made merely by observing and contemplating what is experienced in everyday life.

~Roly Gosling, M.D.

Today apparently is World Malaria Day. I didn’t even know there was such a thing but I’m happy to know there is and that all the news about it is positive – we are making definite strides toward controlling malaria all over the world.  That this was possible is exactly what Dr. Roly Gosling told me when I interviewed him for Epiphany. It is what his epiphany was about while he was living in Tanga, Tanzania working in malaria research for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I love this epiphany about paying attention and observing everyday life for some of life’s (and science’s) greatest revelations. Dr. Gosling was one of very few saying that malaria was at the brink of being able to be controlled at the time, and it was not a popular idea. It’s amazing to see what happens months and years after someone has an epiphany that they act on. His epiphany about malaria is now the widely accepted truth about malaria, and last week while I was in the Bay Area for book signings, Roly was moving into a new home in Berkeley to begin working for the Gates Foundation at UCSF in a new position to travel the world speaking about it.

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