“What you notice matters.”

My “What You Notice Matters” epiphany came as the result of being observant, which is just my nature. Since childhood, I have always noticed informative and interesting things that have taught me truths and opened me up to ideal opportunities.

In my 30’s, I brightened up the gray world of my workplace cubicle by putting up pictures that gave me more pleasurable windows to enjoy. Soon I found myself in those pictured places without planning it! Later I noticed that the collages I intuitively created had significant, life-altering messages for me. Then I noticed that the artwork I bought had shown me aspects of my future. Finally all these clues suddenly aligned in my conscious mind and I understood…what you notice matters. It matters to one’s experience of daily life, it matters to what one is able to create in this life. What an electrifying moment.

This breakthrough insight put me on a new path from public relations to being an inspirational speaker and life coach. I use the concept of outer and inner awareness (ie: what you’re noticing) to help others discover their life purpose and to understand the worldly clues and symbolic messages from spirit that can help lead them forward in joy and fulfillment.

Other points about awareness I’ve discovered on this journey are:

Awareness is the basis for understanding who you are, where your focus is, how the natural laws of the universe operate, and how manifestation works.

Awareness is necessary to appreciating the world around you and your connection to all that is. You can’t appreciate what you don’t notice.

Awareness enables you to see the bread crumbs of guidance that can lead you easily forward in alignment with your dreams and goals.

When you notice the daily gifts being offered through nature, other people, the world, your intuition and your perspective you light up your awareness and expand the potential that exists.

Awareness births appreciation, wonder, curiosity, guidance, joy, compassion and a sense of trust and faith in the beautiful tapestry of life.

Training your awareness puts you in touch with the part of your consciousness that never ceases to BE.

– Melissa Wadsworth, Seattle, WA


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Got an Epiphany to Share?

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