“Having faith in my experience gave me the courage to speak my truth, which helped others and changed my life.”

In January 2006, my neighbor Monty died in the apartment next door. I could hear his wife and daughter and friends who had gathered weeping through the day.

As twilight deepened, I made myself a cup of tea and was walking across my living room when I heard a voice, as clear as a bell, say “Tell them I’m okay.” Then I saw a brief vision of Monty jumping up and clicking his heels and laughing!

For a moment it felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the room as my agnostic mind reviewed the revelation and began to reject it as my imagination. But, I couldn’t deny it. Then I thought, “If I share this, they will think I am crazy.” I delayed about an hour, trying to explain the event away as irrational, just a desire to bring my friends some comfort, etc.

It didn’t work.

I knew I had to go next door and share the message Monty had entrusted to me. I went next door and was invited in. I gently shared the message with my friend, Judy, Monty’s wife, hoping it would bring her some comfort. She promptly asked me to share it with everyone there, including the family’s minister. I plucked up my courage and just shared the message exactly as I had received it, including the little jig of happiness.

Somehow, speaking the truth out loud changed me. In that moment, I began a spiritual journey of transformation that has been truly amazing. I am now so filled with faith and knowledge of my loving Source, and all of it is built on the rock of experience that began with this moment when I had faith in what I experienced and needed to do and found the courage to speak my truth.

Kathryn, Sacramento, CA

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