“Epiphanies are about transformation.
You do it through a leap of the heart.”

– Rupert Isaacson

It was such a privilege to interview Rupert Isaacson at his home in Elgin, TX and hear his incredible epiphany story first-hand. (The story of what happened after his epiphany is detailed in his riveting, best-selling book and film, The Horse Boy.) Not only does Rupert have a beautiful perspective of what epiphanies are and can do but his story so exemplifies the “listening,” or being open to these moments, looking for answers, and having faith in the inspiration when it comes and not caring what anyone else says or thinks about it (including the medical establishment). Then by taking action on what he felt compelled to do by his epiphany, an absolutely amazing journey and healing occurs. He had absolute faith in what he knew he needed to do for his son, for himself and for his family after having his insight. For me, this story is also about the deep love of a parent for his child and not stopping at anything to find a way to help him.

Below are a few excerpts from the book and the video of his interview. For more videos and information on Rupert, The Horse Boy Foundation, and their work with autism, you can go to his People page.

My son was diagnosed with severe autism in 2004. Initially we were told by the best-intentioned experts, therapists, and doctors that there wasn’t really anything we could do to help him, which was extremely depressing. I understood why they were saying this: Western medicine didn’t really offer any answers. But there was another part of me that said, “No. There is probably something we can do. We just don’t know what it is yet.”

…Since we’ve had such astounding results using horses and nature with Rowan, I wanted to make that option available to people who normally wouldn’t have access. We started a non-profit to fund a place where we could work with kids on the autism spectrum using horses, called the Horse Boy Foundation. We run it purely on donations, so money doesn’t stand in the way for anyone. We’re growing every year and we love this work.

Epiphanies are about transformation, leaping from one situation to another situation. How do you do it? How do you get there? How do you leap? You do it through a leap of the heart. And if that leap of the heart happens through a sort of leap in story, you decide to change the story. You decide to go to a new chapter in the story. And you do. Physically, or emotionally, or mentally. And the next thing you know, you’re living a different story.

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