I’ve heard several stories about dreams leading to life-changing epiphanies. Thank you to Gina Clapprood from Rhode Island for writing in to Epiphany Channel about hers. Have your dreams ever brought you answers or messages or an epiphany? Read on and see if this sparks any food for thought for you and share it with us if you’re so inclined…

Trust yourself and your own intuition and don’t let fear hold you back from sharing your gifts, even if they may not be considered “the norm.” 
Sharing our talents and gifts allows us to experience life in greater ways than we can imagine. 
~Gina Clapprood

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8/30/12—The day of my epiphany. The day also happened to be my 35th birthday. Let me explain…

I have basically been seeing the numbers “830” for the last two years EVERYWHERE. License plates, addresses, receipts, pin #’s and other secret codes assigned to me—you name it—it’s there—following me. I have been trying to figure out what it means. I played the daily numbers for a while—guess I wasn’t supposed to win a big jackpot. (I did win $7). It got to the point where, when my birthday rolled around last year, I was kind of scared something would happen to me. Of course, nothing happened and yet I still kept seeing 830 everywhere I went. I finally decided not to worry about it or try to figure out the meaning of it—like all of us Virgos often do. What I didn’t realize is that seeing this number combination would actually mean a lot to me on 8/30/12.

Since I was 15 years old, I have been intuitive. I always had this gut instinct—that little voice that just seemed to speak to me. I would get visions, thoughts and messages and share them with people. I have no idea how I see what I see and why so many people put their trust and faith in what I have to say. I always admired this, because it was something I actually never experienced for myself in that I have never had someone tell me something was going to happen to me, to prepare me or advise me on how to handle it, as I do with others. I was perfectly fine with that, but at the same time I always wondered if what I said to others came true because they put my words into action.

In November 2011, I had a dream that I was in a white room, and on the walls were tons of the number combination,“8 3 0.”  They were everywhere, the room was SO bright, and it was just me standing there. There was a sense of quiet and peace and then this voice said—I don’t know if it was male or female,“8 3 0, Special Delivery.” Then I woke up. I didn’t really think anything of it, especially the “special delivery” part. I was more intrigued about seeing the numbers everywhere and trying to figure out whose voice it could have been, and WHY was I now seeing 830 in my dreams too???

Before New Year’s, I had a different dream that I was with my sister, Michele, at a doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound. The doctor printed out a huge film of the ultrasound and wrote “It’s a Boy!” The next day I told my sister about the dream and days later I found out she was expecting! (She did not know she was pregnant when I told her about the dream.) Of course this dream stuck with me, and I wondered if she was having a boy. We found out that she was due on September 8th. She decided she was not going to find out the sex and wanted to be surprised.

In May 2012, I had the same dream again–I was in the room with 830 written all over the walls, and the same voice that I still can’t identify said, “8 3 0, Special Delivery.” That next morning I kept thinking about it—this time the “special delivery” piece was what I found most curious. Finally, I looked at the calendar and realized that my sister’s due date was a week and two days past my birthday on 8/30….it was possible that she could have the baby on that day.  So I told her about the dream and from that day on, I joked with her that she would have to be ready on 8/30 because she would be having her baby then. I wondered if she were to have the baby on this day if this could be the significance of me relentlessly seeing 830 for the last two years.

I shared these dreams with my husband, Jason, and some friends, family and coworkers. In the event that it happened, I wanted to get it out there ahead of time—if nothing happened, then I would assume the dream was simply … just a dream. What I couldn’t shake was that feeling in the dream and the voice I’d heard in it.

Fast forward to August 30th, my 35th birthday. I had plans to have lunch with my sister. I joked with her that we were going to go for Mexican food, she would drink castor oil, and we were going for a long walk. On my way driving to her house, she called me and told me that HER WATER BROKE.  Could this really be happening?!

I sat at my kitchen table at the computer and waited…updated family and friends…and waited….and waited….at 7:30pm…not much was happening. At about 9pm, the doctor was going to induce her to move things along. At 10 pm, I received a text that she’d be having a C-section. Finally at 11:15pm, we heard the wonderful news that my nephew, William Michael, was born!!!

I broke down.  Completely overwhelmed. I thought of the dream and the voice—I still don’t know whose voice it was but I am grateful to it—I know now what this dream meant for me. My incessant sightings of 830 had purpose and things came full circle in that moment. On my birthday, there would be a very special delivery. My sister is my best friend, and it was truly the best start to my 35th year.

I choose to believe that these 830 sightings, signs and the dream, all serve to validate my intuitive gift. I absolutely need to trust myself and when I had this occur, it left me amazed and blessed, and I will admit, a little freaked out. Something like this has never happened so dead-on especially with someone I love and who is so close to me. This day was a turning point for me and was a gift in itself. It was exactly what I needed to have more confidence and trust in myself. I understand that seeing 830 everywhere is a sign to remind me to come back to my center and make sure that I am being true to myself.

The epiphany for me happened the moment my sister told me her water broke on 8/30. It was like a weight was lifted from me. I realized that it was that it was time for me to be more comfortable being me — being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, coworker, manager and intuitive. It was time for me to incorporate my intuitive side and gifts into my life — gifts, which shockingly, I have tried to keep secret. It was time to come out of hiding who I truly am. I am just me…intuitive me — and I am proud of the friendships and trust that have formed out of my sharing my gifts. I just need to take my own advice and learn to trust where my path is taking me.

In my opinion, there is something greater than all of us that can guide us – we just need to be open and listen to it. The greatest lesson I have to share from my epiphany is this:

Don’t be afraid of what others think about you if you have something to share that may not be considered the norm. Trust yourself and your own intuition and don’t let fear hold you back from sharing it. You may just experience an amazing gift as a result.

Another amazing gift from that auspicious day, of course, is my little nephew. We will now share a special day together, and hopefully someday he will read this story and realize how special he is and how his birth was the spark to one of the most important epiphanies in my life.

~Gina Clapprood, Rhode Island

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