I’ve posted about Post-it Epiphanies before. Sometimes when I speak and conduct workshops, I get people to write out what their greatest epiphanies have been on a simple post-it and then we post them on the wall anonymously for us all to explore.

Below are some from Jennifer Pastiloffs amazing tribe when I spoke at her Ojai retreat this fall. I love how profound yet simple these revelations can be and how I completely relate to so many of them. What strikes me as well is something I don’t talk about as much: every time I read or hear epiphanies, even if they exist on a 3×3 piece of sticky paper, I am inspired by the incredible courage of human beings. On a daily basis, we all exhibit so much courage, and so often it’s not acknowledged. We certainly don’t acknowledge ourselves a lot of the time for how much courage it takes for us to change, to say “no,” to leave, to take action, to speak out, to quit performing, to quit pleasing, to walk away, to move, to help, to tell our truth, to share our stories, to sacrifice, to do what it takes, to dream, to face our demons and illnesses, to support, to write our secrets on a post-it for all the world to see…

And the list goes on and on…

What has been your greatest epiphany in life? Can you grab a post-it and just write it down. Right now? See what happens when you do. Maybe even hang it up where you can see it to remind yourself of it and what you felt and were able to do when you had it. Use these moments as a tool. Mine them for the information and inspiration and courage you found and can still find in them. Notice how you have displayed and acted out of courage, whether from an epiphany or not, and give yourself kudos. Share your stories with us so we can give them to you too! And if you want more information on how to do that and/or how to create and cultivate epiphanies in your life, contact us here and we’ll let you know about upcoming workshops, talks, and opportunities for one-on-one work.

And now for some Post-it Epiphanies …


IMG_2584 When I was 16, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to study in college. I was talking to an assistant teacher and BAM! I knew! FILM STUDIES.
My dad was pissed – in his mind, I was wasting college tuition. I did it anyway and it has led me to my career and path in life.

IMG_2573 My greatest epiphany was realizing that I did not need to keep “living” the way I was living. I realized that MANY other people are living a much fuller life than I had been with much less than I had. The lessons I learned were:
It’s okay to walk away.
Money and possessions are less important than maximizing living life. 


I realized my life had become (or maybe always had been) a PERFORMANCE. When I confessed this to my husband, he asked me not to change it. It was working for him. Not for me.


We are all knowledge. We know. But our thoughts cover up the knowledge.

IMG_2597“Stuff” is a physical manifestation of a feeling, a memory, a longing…


I used to always say “yes” to invitations to go do things. It really didn’t really matter what the event or occasion was. One of which I’d said “yes” to, was a Kaskade concert in San Francisco. In the middle of a song, I looked around and my whole mind went quiet except for my inner voice saying, “You need to learn to say ‘no’ to things you don’t like.” I don’t like Kaskade. Now I relish in the “no” when it leads me to things I love.

IMG_2578I realized I was living my life for others instead of living for myself, and I was able to make the changes to be free and authentic and true.


I was nervous to get engaged. We had been together for over 5 years, but both of our parents were divorced and we were adamant about staying together should we get married. We couldn’t pull the trigger. One night, I was writing in my prayer journal and suddenly it dawned on me – it was a sudden insight / deep understanding – that all I had to do was jump in and believe it would work, otherwise, I would stay stuck forever. We got engaged 3 weeks later – 20 years ago. <3


My Greatest Epiphany in Life:
Freedom ->Liberation is for Everyone.
Freedom is accessible to everyone.


When Princess Diana died, I was sitting in front of the T.V. with my mom looking at all the amazing things Diana had done in her life, and I had an epiphany: I wanted to help people, do good, help others. I was 10 years old.


My mind went totally silent…and I felt the bliss of being.


My epiphany happened 5 years ago: I read the book, “Eat, Pray, Love” and realized I could quit my job, take time off and start a whole new life somewhere else — and I did it! And I’m so much happier because of it. 🙂

IMG_2569 I had a possible cancer scare and wouldn’t know if the tumor was cancerous until surgery. Two nights before surgery, in the quiet of the late night, as I pondered, meditated and listened for an answer to, “What is this tumor?” an overwhelming feeling of peace came over me and I knew I was okay. (And I was.)

IMG_2572 The man of my dreams can be and is real.

IMG_2593 One day I realized that I was a codependent. I found myself obsessed over a man’s problem, and I realized that he was the second obsession in a row – that it was a pattern and I was the common factor. I re-read the book, “Co-Dependent No More,” and started to heal.

IMG_2592 Things are happening FOR us and not TO us.

IMG_2590 I gained confidence in my life’s purpose without doubt.

IMG_2560For my children to be able to trust their inner voice and intuition, it was time for me to leave my marriage.

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