purple-showthelove-logoWe are so excited about the month of February – the month of VALENTINES, ROMANCE, and LOVE — because we have a very special offer for you to celebrate it and find that perfect Valentines gift for yourself and loved ones — all from an epiphany! Read on…

I recently did a series of interviews with jewelry designer, Jen Pleasants, and a couple of the women we met at her trunk show in Los Angeles for Show the Love, Jen’s eco-friendly + inspirational jewelry line. All of the epiphanies in this short series of interviews I’ll be posting have to do with the LOVE of these ladies’ work, advice on how to stay inspired and fulfilled, and how to spark epiphanies and bring ideas into fruition. 

The first video of the “Show The Love” series is my interview with Jen Pleasants.

The jewelry Jen designs emphasizes positive affirmations, invokes “girl power” and is crafted with recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. Each piece is designed and named to express a feeling or sentiment. The hope of Jen and her company is that by wearing their jewelry, people will be inspired to “Show the LOVE” for themselves, for others and for the Earth. (That’s right – 5% of their profits go to Water.org and other non-profits as well.) What better way to celebrate the Month o’ Love?

Here’s a little background on how I came across Jen and her amazing company:

I was at a girls’ gathering on the beach here in Los Angeles and saw a friend’s “Magic Lantern” necklace and honed in on it like a radar. I had never seen anything like it before and ran up to my friend and asked her about it, and voila! I was introduced to Jen and now have my own Magic Lantern necklace! It’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and every time I wear it out (which is ALL the time) I get compliments and comments on it. What’s especially cool is Show the Love’s intention for the necklace:

“Who doesn’t love the notion of a magic lantern?  Just one rub and a genie pops out to grant your every wish. What we love about this lantern is that it reminds us that: “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.”  Take a rub of this lantern and be grateful for all the goodness that you have in your life and you might find that by acknowledging your abundance, more goodness will flow your way.”

Magic LanternIMG_2500

Beautiful, right? And all the jewelry is that way. From “Full Heart” necklaces to “Girl Power” drops, rings and bracelets to an “Almighty Isis” line, every piece of Show the Love jewelry is infused with an uplifting and positive intention. She also has all kinds of price points for her jewelry from very affordable to custom-made pieces. After learning about Jen and her philosophy and experiencing the “magic” of the Magic Lantern for myself, when I found out she was going to be in Los Angeles for a trunk show, I had to interview her! Jen shared with us that it was an epiphany that led to all this. She said it was the moment that she realized,

“Take what you love, your ‘bliss’, and find where it crosses service in some way. It’s at that intersection of bliss and service that the magic in life is created.” ~Jen Pleasants

Even when she was working in the technology business, Jen had always been an artist and loved to sculpt, and she’d always collected inspirational quotes. When she started using her sculpting skills to make jewelry for fun in her spare time, she would wear it and people would comment on how much they loved it. She began giving pieces as gifts, which led to her eventually selling pieces simply to raise money for causes she believed in. One day,  in the middle of making “Peace” necklaces that she had been selling and giving away, she realized she was giving and selling enough of these that she could make it a full-fledged business — she realized she actually could do what she loved, still donate and promote her beliefs and ideals and provide service to outside organizations and people in need, but she also could make money and employ others to join her. And that’s what she did.

You’ll see some of Jen’s gorgeous, unique jewelry in this short video and you can check out all of it on her site at ShowTheLove.com.

AND NOW FOR THE FANTABULOUS VALENTINES OFFER!  Jen is generously offering anyone from EpiphanyChannel a 20% Valentines’ discount to “Show the Love” to yourself and your loved ones! So be part of the ripple effect of Jen’s epiphany and gift yourself and loved ones some of Show the Love’s eye-catching and meaningful jewelry while also spreading love to organizations who help others in need. (Men, women will swoon and adore you over these pieces, trust me.)

Just go to ShowtheLove.com, shop to your heart’s content, then use the discount code: EPIPHANY20 when you check out and you’ll get 20% off  your order!

Happy Valentine’s and thanks for showing your love


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