You know what’s amazing? Most of the time when I go searching for epiphany-sparking or reaffirming pieces to post on my Facebook wall, I inevitably come across the thing I need to see/hear/embrace that day. (If you know me and my work, you know how much I love and embrace Serendipity.) I needed this one.

When someone takes and uses your ideas or work and doesn’t give you credit or compensation and even claims the credit for themselves, it’s so easy to let that deflate and cause you to feel unmotivated – not only to generate ideas but also to help and trust others.

But we can’t let that happen. We have to keep going. We have to believe that there are many wonderful people out there and not everyone is a taker. This particularly strikes a chord not only because of some of my own experiences but because of the meme below I posted that went way viral having to do with givers vs takers:

“Givers need to set limits because takers never do.”  


The reaction to this was visceral. It seems to be a bit of an epidemic and I plan to write about my thoughts on it and some tips of how to deal with narcissists and sociopathic behavior later.

For now, one of the main things “I know for sure” is that  that we must continue to live what we want in our lives. (i.e.: Generosity, Honesty and Trust).

We just need to work on being more conscious and “pickier” about who we choose to hang around, work, and share (and possibly even live) with and start understanding and observing our boundaries.


1.) Start with looking at an instance of how you were “taken,” forgive yourself (because I know you’re beating yourself up about it) and let it teach you.


2.) Start getting super-clear and set intentions about the kinds of people you do want to work and spend your precious hours here with.


3.) Do what it takes to heal and trust yourself and others again – research, take classes, get in therapy, visit/talk to spiritual teachers and focus on your spiritual practice if you have one, read books, reach out and spend time with like-minded people you admire.


4.) Always be vigilant about embodying and ever-developing those qualities and attributes you most value.

Build your tribe. Develop yourself. Live the qualities you want to attract. Press on and thrive. (It’s the best revenge on takers anyway.)


EPIPHANY: Someone who takes without gratitude has shown you who they are. Their actions don’t change you, they teach you. They teach you boundaries, acceptance and to trust yourself.

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