7af18aed4f7e09cbfa40b94a77afb50fWho can have epiphanies if you’re so sleep-deprived you can’t think clearly? (and it definitely doesn’t add to our attractiveness factor…case in point to your left, poor guy.)

Have you noticed how many people are complaining about sleep problems? In my life, besides me, the people having troubles with sleep range from my mother in her 60s-ish ( “No need to define one’s age,” she says. By the way, so does Dr. Christine Northrup) to guy friends of mine in their 20s, so it doesn’t seem to be an age or a gender thing anymore. This blog is mainly for me to send to people who I end up telling about these sleep remedies I’ve found (that’s how many people I’ve talked to about this!) but I decided to make it public in case it’s helpful to anyone browsing around. Epiphanies and sleep are definitely related.

Understanding sleep patterns and interruptions is a different journey for each individual and if you’re having problems, please do research for yourself. It can be caused from many different things such as diet, cellular phone and electromagnetic radiation, sleep apnea, hormones, and stress, to name a few.

In the meantime, as you’re trying to get to the root of the issue, you still need those 7-8 hours of sleepy time and if you’re like me, you don’t want to take a drug to sleep. I tried Ambien – it gave me the worst hangover and I always woke up exactly 5 hours after taking it. So after months of research and supplements and trial and error, I’ve finally found TWO, that’s right, TWO all-natural sleep remedies that actually work!

Epiphany Central on the Zzzz…

1.) SOLID EIGHT by Herbalogic

Herbalogic_Solid_Eight_Herbs_for_Sleep_Insomnia_Sleeping_Issues_grande_9ef5b812-b5dd-47ac-b485-e3f53860aa50A Homeopathic Pharmacist at People’s Pharmacy in Austin, TX uses Solid Eight and told me about it. You take the prescribed dosage before going to bed and then if you wake up in the middle of the night, just take more according to how much longer you want to sleep. No hangover or bad side effects.

I’ve bought this at homeopathic pharmacies, online and at Whole Foods.


2.) DEEP SLEEP by Herbs Etc. 


This stuff is amazing. I learned about it at Whole Foods when I went to get more Solid Eight and they were out. The Whole Foods salesperson said this is their best-seller of “sleep-helpers” and I can see why. I take two before bed and usually sleep through the night.

Deep Sleep is available many places online (this link goes to Amazon) and at Whole Foods.






I’m not the only one talking about sleep helpers – one of my favorite podcasters of all-time, Mr. Tim Ferriss, has a blog + podcast devoted his Top 5 Tools He Uses for Faster and Better Sleep. They don’t include my remedies above so listen to it if you want recommendations of gadgets, eye mask + ear plugs, how to hang upside down, and tea. He also recommends watching an episodic television show or playing Tetris for 10 minutes, but I find reading is more effective. I’ll stay up later watching a show rather than if I read. Listening to an audio book or meditation is also super-effective for some people.

91hV5ciHLeL._SY679_Tim’s podcast reminded me about the tea that I’m never without anymore: Trader Joe’s Well-Rested Herbal Tea(It’s MUCH cheaper in the store if you have a Trader Joe’s near you.) I sleep more deeply when I use it.

By using these remedies – sometimes alone and sometimes together – I beat insomnia when it strikes and am always ready for my epiphanies!

Wishing you great sleep and the sweetest of dreams!


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