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About a year ago, I was tagged in an Instagram post by Jordan Moxley, a young teacher in Columbus, Ohio. I didn’t know Jordan or anyone in Columbus so I was perplexed at first until I saw that an Epiphany Project was premiering at the Columbus Museum of Art! This innovative teacher created a lesson plan for an Epiphany Project for her students the semester she taught Computer Graphics class (grades 9-12) at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School.

Their project is based on my Epiphany Project here on this site using video and written interviews and on my Epiphany book. 9 of the 23 videos made by the students about their personal epiphanies were voted on by the class to be featured in the museum exhibit. Below is the video that was shown at COMA expressing the greatest epiphanies so far of those 9 students. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all of them and their teachers at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School for sharing their amazing work with us. If these teens are already identifying moments and wisdom like this, and hopefully will continue to build upon them, can you imagine what’s in store for them? We can’t wait to see…

A brief summary of the Epiphany Project lesson plan is below as well as Jordan’s actual, formal proposal/lesson plan and a poem by Faith Pendleton, one of the students, about her epiphany. We are proud to have them available for you to download and so appreciate their gracious generosity.

If you have any ideas for your own Epiphany school projects or would like to learn more about this one and others that are starting to happen, please contact me. Thank you!


Epiphany Project Lesson Plan Overview

This lesson plan was developed for a Computer Graphics class at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School (an Arts Magnet school in a low-income school district) in Columbus, Ohio.

epiphany: a moment of great or sudden revelation; an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking; an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.

Selections from Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight by Elise Ballard were read and videos from the Epiphany Channel website were watched in class and discussed.

Selections included: Gregory Wilson; Carol Lanning; Baracka Victor; Billie Myers; and Stacey Lannert.

The teacher felt all of these were relatable to her students and she had varying viewpoints to talk about with them. (The stories chosen to read/watch will depend upon teacher preference and the children’s backgrounds.)

They discussed what an epiphany is and the different ways to look at each of these epiphany stories and how they could relate to the kids’ own experiences and thinking.

Writing assignments and later video assignments were implemented for the kids to tell their own epiphany stories and learn to use iMovie and other filmmaking and computer graphics tools.

Everyone shared their videos and stories with the class. At the end of days of sharing, the class of 23 teens, ranging in age from 14-18, voted for 9 of their peers’ videos to appear in a show at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Read the teacher’s detailed lesson plan that had to be approved by the school district. Read an original poem written by one of the students. Here you can watch the Epiphany Project video that was put together for the Columbus Museum of Art exhibit:

If you have any ideas or lesson plans for teaching about these moments, we want to hear them.
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Got an Epiphany to Share?

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